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How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress?

We come to the main question. What you will prioritize in the selection of wedding dresses will be that they are suitable for your physique and concept, not the trendy or cool ones...

Therefore, it is useful to choose wedding dresses according to 2 sections.

Every bride has at least one wedding dress that she admires. So, how compatible are these models with your physique? Let's decide which wedding dress suits you best while looking at the models one by one.

Bridal Dresses by Silhouette

A-Line Wedding Dress

  • It adapts to every body shape.
  • It is the most preferred wedding dress model.
  • Robadan is a wonderful savior like a wedding dress model.
  • It is the first choice of brides with wide hips and hips.

Mermaid Wedding Dress

  • Mermaid wedding dress will carry the best:
  • striking shoulders,
  • long legs,
  • They are the ones with small breasts and a thin waist.
  • An indispensable piece for women with a curvy physique like an hourglass!

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

  • The important feature of Ball Gown Wedding Dresses is that the bustier sits on the waist and the bottom is fluffy like a balloon.
  • If you have a straight, Hourglass or Pear shaped physique, ball gown wedding dresses are suitable for you.

Sheath Cut Wedding Dress

  • We can also call simple, elegant sheath cut wedding dresses as dress wedding dresses.
  • It always gives a fresh and natural look.
  • Therefore, it is an indispensable model of rural weddings.
  • In order to carry this model, it will be to your advantage to look fit.
  • Plain wedding dresses are preferred by those with thin or weak waistlines,
  • It is a favorite piece for brides with hourglass physique or rectangular physique.

According to the Wedding Venue and Theme

Country Weddings

Country wedding theme was the most searched theme by our brides. A flamboyant country wedding in the most beautiful days of spring, summer and autumn will be an unforgettable open-air wedding for you, of course, with your wonderful wedding dress. The 2021 Collection and other MCB Special Wedding Dresses are ready for you!

Beach Weddings

An amazing theme for sea lovers. The sea, the beach, a gentle warm wind, a happy environment full of love. Your wedding dress, decorated with beauty on the beach, will fascinate everyone soon. Can you imagine, a dream wedding dress. I leave it here for you and now here. Short wavy models and half mermaid models will reflect the romanticism of the beach.

Salon Weddings

Competing with open-air weddings, salon weddings will never lose their popularity. Perhaps we can say that it is the place where dance and music are most loved. A-cut models and princess models, where you can express your elegance, are indispensable for your salon weddings.

Cocktail Weddings

If you say to us that you want a simple and elegant cocktail, hotel wedding, away from the crowd, with your loved ones, plain a-cut and elegant wedding dresses are just for you. You can choose bohemian, vintage or Hellenistic style wedding dresses for cocktail weddings held in different venues and historical areas.