Here is a team of tens of proven passionate creative masters, each of whom is a wedding dress. We are growing every day. Each Mediha Cambaz Bridal Wedding Dress design is produced at the Mediha Cambaz Wedding House studio workshop in Cekirge, Bursa, Turkey. The fabrics and laces used are imported from France, one of the world's best and most prestigious manufacturers. Most of our lace and fabrics are designed for Mediha Acrobat only. Some satins Local fabrics of the best, highest quality fabric manufacturers of Bursa, a factory exporting to the world, are used. Many types of fabrics are produced specially at the request of Mediha Cambaz. Our aim is always to find the best for happy brides...
Today, it is very rare to find a wedding dress designer who produces everything in-house from scratch. We are proud of the team we have developed and the experience we have had. This experience allows us to control and maintain our quality standards at every step, from mold making, cutting, production and delivery. What makes us different; The high quality of our fabrics, our unique designs, our creation of a stylish and comfortable new bride generation, and our constant renewal for happy brides. We produce comfortable and stylish wedding dresses, most of them with special stretchy fabrics and lace.
Since Mediha Cambaz produces and sells the best wedding dress models you can see, the prices are offered for sale at wholesale prices. This is very lucrative for our couples on the eve of marriage. You can only find the designs on the Mediha Cambaz Bridal website or showroom.


The clothes we wear every day describe our style. It should be no different on the wedding day. Of course, I dreamed of my own wedding dress. A unique, comfortable wedding dress that I'm dying to wear that morning... I wanted to feel like a bride and look great. But it was not my dream. Some brides won't settle for average quality. I was one of them. I wanted to change something that day. We formed a small team with the masters to become a designer who dedicates his life to wedding dresses; to change the bride generation... Mediha Cambaz bride is universal. He recognizes his own quality, knows that he needs a magnificent wedding dress design and does not settle for the average. We are a hardworking, experienced and passionate team. We are proud and happy to address the new generation of brides with high standards.