Lace is one of the most important parts of the wedding dress. These are the designs that you can add to your wedding dress or cover it all according to your personal preferences. We can list the most used lace types as follows.

Alencon Lace; Needle lace is French lace. It is mostly used on transparent tulle.
Guipure Lace; Also called Venetian lace, it is light but tough lace.
Embroidery Lace; It has naive patterns, it is mostly used in appliqués.
Ribbon Lace; It is a light cotton fabric and perforated and design lace.
The fabrics we use to produce our wedding dresses are supplied from domestic production factories that produce the best quality fabrics for export in Turkey. Most of the lace is imported from France. We carefully select it for the new generation brides in the elite lace factories here. Our unique lace patterns, textures and sparkles are meticulously handcrafted using age-old techniques. We recommend ordering 3-18 months before your wedding date, as some laces are made to order.
Designing and producing bridal gowns using the most beautiful laces comes from the descendants of Mediha Cambaz. Mediha Cambaz's mother, who was impressed by the patterns and elegance of her wedding dress lace, left this love to herself. Her mother, who is from Greece/Thessaloniki Turks, designed and produced many dresses inspired by the fabrics of successful European designers. Mediha Cambaz instilled a love of lace from a very young age. The antique sewing machine and tools used by her mother are in the Showroom in Çekirge.
French lace produces bridal lace designs of large factories and laces that it designs itself, of high quality and some of them from 100% cotton threads. Breaking new ground in Turkey with our new online wedding dress website, it has succeeded in producing wedding dresses in its own studio in Bursa Turkey and selling them directly at wholesale prices. Wholesale prices are less than half the suggested retail price. You will not find any of the Mediha Cambaz wedding dress models in any other store. At the same time, it is the best brand in Turkey on GoogleMaps with over 100 bride reviews.