Which Wedding Dress Collar Should I Choose? What Is The Right Collar Type For My Body Type?

Collars are great details to show off the beauty of the bride's face, neck, shoulders and back. That's why the top (bustier part) is the key point in choosing a wedding dress.


Strapless Collar: It is the strapless bridal collar. It is a rare model that suits very well with straight shoulders. There are plain strapless and heart strapless models. Heart strapless, tall and small breasted; Straight strapless dresses suit our brides with big breasts and broad shoulders. In addition, if you want your jewelry to be at the forefront of your ceremony, it can be a favorite collar. We have chosen the most elegant strapless wedding dress of the 2023 Collection for you.

V-Neck: The V-neck model, which highlights your upper body, is the most preferred model. It suits many physiques. Ideal for those with a short neck; It makes it look long. It shows the elegance of the chest. If your chest area is a little larger and you want a more attractive appearance, you can choose deep V-necklines. We share with you the V-neck models of the 2023 wedding dress collection.

Straight Collar: One of the biggest advantages of straight neck wedding dresses is that it allows them to be combined with necklaces and jewelry. You can complete your wedding style with a stunning necklace or a beautiful earring. It also pairs perfectly with straight neckline wedding dresses, hair accessories or an elegant bridal veil. Our 2023 new wedding dress Ellen is a very stylish straight neckline wedding dress.

Square Collar: The most distinctive feature of the square collar is to make the neck and neck circumference long. Therefore, it is the choice of our short-necked brides. Since the square neck grips the chest, it may look nicer for brides with slightly larger breasts. We have chosen the dazzling Linda from the 2023 Collection for you.

Boat Neck: The bateau neckline adds an elegant atmosphere to wedding gowns with its rounded and slightly lowered neckline style. A perfect option for brides looking for a simple and sophisticated style, bateau neck wedding dresses draw attention with their simple and elegant lines that highlight the natural beauty of brides. Bateau neckline wedding dresses create an elegant silhouette by beautifully accentuating the neck and shoulder areas of the brides. You can choose our Halona wedding dress among our boat neck wedding dresses.

Madonna Collar: For brides with narrow shoulders, bridal gowns with a madonna neckline are among the savior models. It suits those with thin necks and small breasts. But if you say a plain boat neckline is not for me, you can have the collar made of lace for a low-cut look, and combine it with a heart or strapless bustier. We have chosen Ela from MCB 2023 Collection for you.

M - Heart Collar : M - Sweetheart neckline wedding dresses are elegant and romantic models named after their heart or M-shaped neckline. While this loving detail emphasizes the fairy-tale beauty of brides, it also represents a bold style. M - Heart Collar Wedding Dress is a candidate to conquer the hearts of brides with its dazzling details and special embroideries. Check out our Most Popular M - Sweetheart neckline wedding dresses !

Mandarin Collar: The dominant collar, which looks nice on our brides with a long neck area, covers the shoulders, chest and, if you prefer, your arms, if you prefer. It is the choice of many brides who want a hijab wedding dress. You can combine your messy bun hair with long or short earrings according to your neck length. Max and Haute , the favorites of 2023 hijab fashion, as well as other names of Transparent dominant elegance, Donatella and Katie ...

Halter Neckline: Halter neck wedding dresses are wedding dresses that extend from the shoulders to the neck and are usually tied at the back of the neck. This style gives brides a sophisticated and elegant look, while at the same time adding a modern and contemporary feel. Whether with long or short tulle details, these wedding dresses can be designed to suit any body type. You will love our halter neck wedding dress models.

Asymmetrical Collar: The asymmetrical neckline is distinctly different from other wedding dress models and offers an extraordinary style to the bride-to-be. Cuts of different lengths and neckline details add a modern touch to the wedding dress. This style of wedding gowns provides an elegant and striking look to the brides by emphasizing the shoulder and neck area. Off-the-shoulder designs create a naive and romantic atmosphere, while different necklines represent a bold and assertive style. We share with you the 2023 wedding dress collection asymmetric neck wedding dress models.

We shared the 10 most popular collar details with you. When choosing a wedding dress, we would like to emphasize how important the skirt cut and collar cut are. You can easily choose the most suitable wedding dress for you at MCB by paying attention to the wedding dress cuts and neckline cuts. Now the other details; We leave many details such as suspenders, transparent, long sleeves, balloon sleeves, satin, lace embroidered, lurex, frills to your taste :)