Pavia Sweetheart Neckline Lace Princess Model Wedding Dress

78,537.19TL 92,320.59TL
Colour: Off white

Mediha Cambaz Bridal 2023 New Designs Collection is designed for glamorous brides who dream of that moment under the lights and when all eyes are on them.

Wedding dress models that will reflect the beauty of your dreams at your wedding. Choose from the 2023 New Designs Collection .

MCB brides will say "yes" to the love of their lives on the most special day of their marriage, which will be engraved in their hearts with the Pavia Heart Collar Lace Princess Model Wedding Dress. Her beauty, elegance and princess-like stance will fascinate all the guests and the wedding dress will be engraved in memories as an unforgettable memory. The wedding dress attracts attention with its details. The sweetheart neckline detail adds an elegant touch to the wedding dress and highlights the beauty of the bride-to-be. While the embroidered lace completes the wedding dress, the embroidery on the sleeves adds a romantic atmosphere to the wedding dress.

How to Take Wedding Dress Measurements?

Wedding Dress Information


Princess Model


Heart Collar


Satin, Sparkly Lace


Long Sleeve


The wedding dress on the model is size 36 .

Pavia Sweetheart Neckline Lace wedding dress is specially designed for you according to your exact measurements. To try on the Pavia Heart Collar Lace wedding dress, you can make an appointment at our Mediha Cambaz Bridal Bursa Showroom store by clicking here .


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