Things you should pay attention to before taking measurements:

  • Please specify the unit of measurement for all measurements (e.g. cm, inches)
  • Take all measurements clearly, without seam allowances and without being too tight.
  • Take measurements while wearing your bridal shoes or shoes at the height you will use on the day of the ceremony.
  • When taking your body measurement, wrap the tape measure around your body and make sure that all sides are parallel to the floor.
  • Take your measurements in a bra and a body-hugging garment.
  • To get the best measurement, you can follow this video and get help from your family or friend.

Materials that will be required during measurement;

A tape measure, a rope long enough to tie around your waist, bridal shoes or shoes at the height you will use on the day of the ceremony, paper and a pen to take notes on.

1. Chest
Measure from the widest part of your chest, keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor and without squeezing your chest.

2. Under Breast
Circle the tape measure just under your chest, parallel to the floor, and write down your measurement while your arms are still down.

3. From Above Bust to Under Bust (Cup size)

  • Take your measurements in bra.
  • Mediha Cambaz Bridal products can be worn without a bra. All upper body bustier tops are designed to be worn without a bra, considering your elegance and comfort.
  • Measure from the top of the bust to the bottom of the bust, centering the bust.
3 a. Please specify your bra size.

 3b. Please indicate whether you are using it with or without filling.

4. Waist
To serve as a reference point when taking measurements of the waist area, tie a thin rope from the thinnest part of the waist area until the end of the measurement and do not untie the rope until the end of the measurement. Take your measurement without pulling in or inflating your abdomen.

5. Hips
Measure your hip area at its widest part.

6. Waist to Floor
Stand upright and measure the length from the reference point at the waist to the ground.

7. Shoulder to Floor
Stand upright and measure the length from shoulder to floor.

8. Shoulder to Chest Point
Measure the distance from the midpoint of the shoulder to the nipple.

9. Shoulder to Waist Point
Measure from the middle of the shoulder to the reference rope at the waist, passing through the bust.

10. Shoulder to Shoulder Back
Stand upright and measure the midpoint between the upper point of the shoulder and the starting point of the arm from the back.

11. Shoulder to Shoulder Front
Stand upright and measure from the front the midpoints between the upper point of the shoulder and the starting point of the arm.

12. From Neck to Shoulder
Measure from neck to shoulder.

Sizes between size 13 and 16 are only required for products with sleeves. If your product does not have sleeves, you do not need to specify the dimensions.

13. Sleeve length
For long sleeve, measure from shoulder to wrist with your arm relaxed.

14. Biceps
With your arm free, take measurements at the widest point between the shoulder and the elbow.

15. Elbow width
Measure with your elbow half-closed

16.Wrist width
Measure with your wrist straight and free.

Please check your measurements twice and send them.

We put a great deal of thought into each design throughout our design process and decide the process that works best for each design. For this reason, unfortunately, we cannot customize designs other than size and collar opening.

Please contact us for all your questions or to receive special design service.