Perre French Lace Layered A-Line Wedding Dress

Colour: Off white

Mediha Cambaz Wedding Dress, which has been at the top among Bursa wedding dress brands for years, continues to support brides-to-be on their happiest days.

Mediha Cambaz Bridal 202 4 Wedding Dress Collection is designed for glamorous brides who dream of that moment under the lights and when all eyes are on them. Choose the wedding dress models that will reflect the beauty of your dreams at your wedding from the 202 4 Wedding Dress Collection .

Perre wedding dress is an invitation to those who are looking for the wedding dress of your dreams, with its extraordinary design and elegant texture knitted with French lace. Perre and Mediha Cambaz open the doors of originality and timeless elegance to brides-to-be. One of Perre's most striking features is the elegance of its floor-to-layer design. The layers of the fabric wrapped the bride-to-be like a princess and invited her to be a part of a dancing story. This layered design creates a fascinating effect with every step. Perre is like a work of art embroidered with French lace. Each stitch is decorated with carefully selected lace details. Lace embroidery integrates with the elegant A-line design of the wedding dress, thus offering an unforgettable look to brides-to-be.

How to Take Wedding Dress Measurements?

Wedding Dress Information




M Collar


French Lez Lace


Long Sleeve


The wedding dress on the model is size 36 .

Perre French Lace Tiered A-Line wedding dress is specially designed for you according to your exact measurements. To try on the Adora Chiffon One Sleeve Straight Cut wedding dress, you can make an appointment at our Mediha Cambaz Bridal Bursa Showroom store by clicking here .


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Since Mediha Cambaz produces and sells the best wedding dress models you can see, the prices are offered for sale at wholesale prices. This is very lucrative for our couples on the eve of marriage. You can only find the designs on the Mediha Cambaz Bridal website or showroom.